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Lemon Perfumed Beauty Soap 75g Box Packed Cleace

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Lemon Perfumed Beauty Soap 75g Box Packed Cleace

We have our own factory in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.Facing the selection of multifarious trading company, we are an absolutely trustworthy business partner.

CLEACE® Lemon Perfumed Beauty Soap

In today’s age of chemical additives and flavors, CLEACE are still using soap with high cost to maintain their most simple nature. No gorgeous packaging, rough and hard surface, but more durable than ordinary soap, laundry effect is good.

Lemon Perfumed Beauty Soap:
Lemon contains vitamin B1,vitamin B2 ,vitamin C and other nutrients;it is rich in organic acids,citric and high alkalescence.It has strong antioxidant effect and has effect on the promotion of skin metabolism,can delay aging and inhibit pigmenttation.Lemon has unique citric acid ,it can decompose the pigment particles accumulated subcutaneously and enhance the vitality and resistance of vessels.


We can supply all certificate for you import.
Professional export aerosol products for medium and high-end market
Can be customized Efficient and professional service High capacity
As the supplier and importers, our products are mainly sold to US, South America, Europe
Mature technology Professional services Competitive prices
The formula of products in mature and stable.


  1. Distributor system to be a security to trade partner;
  2. ODM/OEM service;
  3. R&D service;
  4. Quality control system to be carried out to every production procedure;
  5. We have our own lab.Sample analysis or bulk products inspection will be timely and conveniently.


  1. Normal delivery date: 30 days after deposit;
  2. For our brands: 14days after deposit, emergency situations can be shorter.


  1. T/T ( 30% deposit,70% against the copy of BL );
  2. L/C at sight available;
  3. To be our distributor, if your trading records always marked good, we even deliver goods without any deposit to rescue you from money difficulties.

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